Tel Aviv

Our apartments in Tel AVIV are located in Neve Tsedek neighborhood:

Tel Aviv is a big place, and here are some highlights of things that you should see during your visit in Tel Aviv.

  • Old Jaffa,  located in Jaffa is a must see for any visitor to Tel Aviv. This is the reputed point where Jonah boarded a ship and was later swallowed by a big fish. It is also one of the oldest ports in the world.  Nearby is Jaffa´s famous Flea Market
  • Rabin Square. The biggest public square in Israel and site of PM Rabin’s assassination in 1995 is in Central Tel Aviv
  • Azriely Lookout, (by Tel Aviv Hashalom train station). Watch the entire Tel Aviv area from 200 meters high in Central Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv Port – Namal Tel Aviv a commercial area in Northern Tel Aviv with bars and nightclubs
  • Jaffa’s Railway Station, Harakevet, a historic outdoor shopping area, Jaffa
  • Dizengoff Centre – Israel’s most iconic shopping centre with a very lively food market every Thursday and Friday, Central Tel Aviv
  • Rothschild Boulevard – a lot of Bauhaus architecture, restaurants and cafes in Tel Aviv’s prettiest street, Central Tel Aviv
  • Neve Tzedek – an historical part of town with art galleries and restaurants, Southern Tel Aviv
  • Florentin – a former working class neighborhood, now a bustling commercial zone keeping the working class character, Southern Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv University – Israel’s most lavish and beautiful university campus in Northern Tel Aviv.
  • Joshua Gardens – Tel Aviv’s central park, Northern Tel Aviv
  • Shore PromenadeCentral Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek  is a neighborhood located in southwestern Tel AvivIsrael. It was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the walls of the ancient portof Jaffa. For years, the neighborhood prospered as Tel Aviv, the first modern Hebrew city, grew up around it. Years of neglect and disrepair followed, but since the early 1980s, Neve Tzedek has become one of Tel Aviv’s latest fashionable and expensive districts, with a village-like atmosphere. Literally, Neve Tzedek means Abode of Justice, but it is also one of the names for God (Jeremiah 50:7).


We have 2 apartments for rent in Neve Tsedek

  • a 3 rooms apartment, at floor 30, in Neve Tsedek Tower
  • a 2 rooms house, with private garden, in hevrat Shass, street, near Suzanne Dallal center



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